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Dual exhibition by SABHAN ADAM & JAMIL KACHA

In cooperation with Piece Unique – Solidere, Beirut – Lebanon. Tajalliyat offered the chance to exhibit Sabhan Adam as a self-taught Syrian painter who creates images of creatures pulled from nightmares. His paintings depict a dark and gruesome array of strange creatures which all have a similar face, based on his own. These figures are set on plain backgrounds, making them jump out to the viewer. The works are introspective and present a unique perspective, which is rare among Arab artists. Alongside with Jamil Kacha’s artwork which portrays his beautiful personality. Pouring an immense portion of positive energy in every piece; an obvious loving touch smooths the intimate creatures he depicts. And the fruit of this passion come out to be a comforting masterpiece, which can satisfy both the eye & the heart; a real lovely figure of our lives, created out of the rigid rocks, yet delicate to the extent of maintaining the real beauty of the stone nature.



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