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Abdulrahman Mowakket

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Abdulrahman Mowakket



-       1946 was born in Aleppo, Syria and studied in it


-       1960 started practicing fine art (sculpture and painting)


-       1967 graduated from Teachers' Institute with "good" grade and practiced teaching


-        1970 The memorial monument of Air force pilot martyrs along with his first personal solo exhibition


-        1973 Sculpture teacher at the Fine Arts Centre, Aleppo, Syria


-       1976 full dedication to art practicing at his own atelier


-       1980 Travelled to Italy and studied "nude sculpture" in Rome


-       1984 started executing a number of monuments in Aleppo and other Syrian cities


Solo Exhibitions:


-       1971 Aleppo, National Museum, various sculpture


-       1976 Damascus, Al Sha'ab Gallery, marble and stone sculpture


-       1979 Aleppo, Al Sabil Park, yellow stone sculpture with big sizes


-       1979 Damascus, National Museum Park, yellow stone sculpture with big sizes


-       1980 Damascus, Al Sha'ab Gallery, Bronze small sculpture


-       1980 Rome, Gallery Potico di Quadri, Bronze and copper sculpture


-       1989 Aleppo, Bilad Al Sham Gallery, Marble sculpture


-       1990 Damascus, Bilad Al Sham Gallery, Marble sculpture


-       1992 Damascus, Al Sayed Gallery, Marble sculpture


-       1994 Aleppo, Bilad Al Sham Gallery, Bronze sculpture


-       2006 Damascus, Gallery Atassi, Marble sculpture


-       2007 Dubai, Green Art Gallery, Marble sculpture


Group Exhibitions


Official Exhibitions:


He has participated in the important official exhibitions in Syria: Spring Exhibition, Autumn Exhibition, and Annual Exhibition inside the country and abroad since 1971.


Group Exhibitions:


-       Participated in a large number of exhibitions of the Fine Arts Union inside the country and abroad


-       Exhibitions of Bilad Al Sham artists in Aleppo, Damascus organised by Bilad Al Sham Gallery


-       Syrian Ateliers, Unisco Palace, Beirut, organised by Gallery Atassi


-       2001 "Even the War has Limits" exhibition, 2002 "Women and War" exhibition organized by the International Red Cross, Damascus, Amman, Geneva


-       Sharja Biennale, UAE


-       Lattakia Biennale,  won the Golden Medal,


-       Many other participations with different occasions  like "Tribute to Luai Kayali" and "Tribute to Fatih Al Mudarres"  exhibitions


Monumental Works:


-       Martyrs Memorial Monument, Saadallah Al Jabri Square, Aleppo   


-       Memorial Monument, Al Majd Base, Al Rastan, Homs (Garden, Square, Statue)


-       Memorial Monument, Bassil Al Asad Square Aleppo (square, bronze statue, marble wall sculpture)


-       Designing and executing Aleppo International Airport


-       Aleppo International Airport Monument


-        Bab Al Salam, design and supervision


Local and International Symposiums:


-        1st International Symposium, Lattakia, stone


-       Al Amal Symposium, Directing and partipating, local marble


-       Lattakia's International S Symposium, local marble


-       3rd International Symposium, Lattakia, local marble


-       1st International Symposium, Damascus, Italian marble


Works are distributed in:


-       Damascus: Presidential Palace, National Leadership park, National Museum, Syrian Art Museum - Dummar, Culture Palace, Ministry of Culture, Fine art collectors


-       Aleppo: Public squares and parks, National Museum, Presidential Palace, Shahba Al Sham Hotel, Central Bank garden, Fine arts collectors


-       Large numbers of works distributed all around the world: Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Italy, France, Germany, Spain


Medals and Honors:


He has won many Monumental Designing competitions in Syria coming in the first place, and also a number of prizes and medals, the most important are from the Prime Minister and Minister of Culture.


Gold Medal, Lattakia Biennale, 1999


Ministry of Culture Honoring Ceremony


-       Member of Public Squares Committee, Aleppo Municipality


-       Member of the Syrian Fine Art Union


-       Member of Arab Fine Art Union


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