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Youssef Youssef

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Born in 1978 – Al Qamishli, Syria.

Started his artistic journey as a hobby in 2001.
Graduated from Adham Ismaiel institute for fine arts in 2004.

Participated in:
• 2013 Syria Contemporary Art Fair – Artheum, Beirut.
• 2013 Beirut Art Fair (ME.NA.SA. ART) – B.I.E.L (Tajalliyat Art Gallery).
• 2012 Reggio Emilia Contemporary Art Fair (Tajalliyat Art Gallery) - Reggio Emilia, Italy.
• 2012 “Tajalliyat Beirut 2012” – Platinum Bld., Beirut.
• 2012 Beirut Art Fair (ME.NA.SA. ART) – B.I.E.L (Tajalliyat Art Gallery).
• 2011 El-Shaer Open House – Kuwait.
• 2010 “Syrian Artists exhibition” – Boushahri Art Gallery – Kuwait.


     "Simplicity engulfs the brush’s light lines, while cycle of life can’t be missed upon the round faces he depicts. A subtle humble atmosphere stands out through a solid pale faces of poor women and children. Though without any expressions, their mysterious look has a lot to say towards what they run through.

An earthly tint overwhelms his paintings, draws you nearer to the dusty environment his characters live in. With a dominant color of the soil they step upon barefooted, and the foggy dreams they follow in their vague eyes.

Keeping it closer to his home village with obvious signs of a traditional touche, and dearer to his heart by recreating some of the cherished childhood memories. Yet enriching his art with secrets buried inside the depth of the personage; Young prides staring at you with a still look, keeping the spectator’s mind in full wonder. And kids gave up their childish gaze for a spirit of strange serenity..

It simply drives you to contemplate their vague looks; trying to find out what’s hidden behind their silence."

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