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Born in 1952 in AI-Hasaka, Tel Naief/ Syria.

  • Worked as a graphic artist for the Syrian Press, where he also wrote articles on Artistic Criticism.
  • Settled in Vienna since 1978 and now holds the Austrian Nationality.
  • Member of the General Federation of Austrian Artists and the UNESCO.
  • Member of the Künstlerhaus, Vienna.
  • His works are acquired by art collectors and dealers, art galleries and exhibitions, museums, banks and Ministries of Culture, in addition to a large number of private property acquisitions in America, Canada, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Japan, Russia and Emirates.
  • Malva Omar Hamdi lives and works in Vienna.


1976-1977 People’s Art Hall at Damascus! National Museum of Aleppo
1987 Palffy Palace, Vienna
1989 Austrian Central Bank, Vienna; Art Gallery, Chicago; Lyzon Art Gallery, Tennessee, Nashville; Gallery Kral, San Francisco; Gallery Arnot, New York; Gallery Ambassador, New York.

1990 Gallery L’Atelier, Vienna; Gallery Celeste, Vienna; Stadtmuseum-Rostockvilla, Klosterneuburg.

1991 Gallery Frankenstein, Berlin
1992 Wally Findlay Galleries, New York, Paris
1993 Gallery Art Forum - International Contemporary Art, Vienna ; AI-Sayed Art Gallery, Atassy Gallery, Damascus.
1994 – 1998 Wally Findlay Galleries, New York, Chicago, Palm Beach, Florida.
2000 Green Art Gallery, Dubai
2000 Wally Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach.
2002 Rochan Gallery, Jeddah; Hewar Gallery, Riad
2003-2007 Art Expo, New York
2008 Art House, Gallery Kamel, Damascus



1980 – 1992 Exhibitions of the General Federation of Austrian Artists, in Austria and abroad.
1985 World Exhibition of the United Nations Office, Vienna.
1989 Art Festival Messepalast, Vienna; Art House, Göppingen, Germany.
1985 – 1993 The Annual World Art Fair, Frankfurt, Germany.
1989 International Fair of Contemporary Art/ Madrid Arco 89, Spain.
1990 International Fair of Contemporary Art/ Milano EXPO 90, Italy.
1991 Art Jonction International, Nice, France.
1992 Bolognafiere/ Contemporary Art Festival, Bologna, Italy; Auro Art, Verona; Künstlerhaus, Graz; EXPO Sevilla, Spain; Friendship and Peace Festival, Latakia , Syria
1993 International Fair of Contemporary Art! Budapest Art Expo 93
1996 Gallery Breitenbach, Una, Germany.
1994 -1997 Second International Festival of Shajah/Art Biennale
1999 Informelle Tendenzen im Künstlerhaus, Vienna.
2001 Museum of Modern Art, Biennale Cairo
2001 Artuell, BeiruU Atassy Gallery Damas 2002
2002 History Museum Vienna - Rathaus; New York Art Fair
2003 National Museum Cracow, Poland
2003 Museum of Modern Art, Tehran
2004 Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts, Montreal
2007 Museum of American University - Art Center, Washington
2008 Art House/ Damascus - Kunstler Haus/ Vienna.
2009 53, Biennale de Venezia

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