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Jamil Kacha

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Born in Jeser AlshoghourSyria 1958

Graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Damascus in 1983

• 1989 Ebla gallery – Damascus
• 1990 Ashtar gallery – Damascus
• 1991 Alsayed gallery – Damascus
• 1993 Modern Art gallery – Netherlands 
• 1994 Alsayed gallery – Damascus
• 1995 Inana gallery – Damascus
• 1996 Alsayed gallery – Damascus
• 2000 Naser Shora gallery – Damascus
• 2004 Kalemat gallery – Aleppo
• 2006 Alsayed gallery – Damascus
• 2011 Galerie Pièce Unique, Solidere – Beirut. 
• 2011 El-Shaer Open House – Kuwait.
• 2010 “Syrian Artists exhibition” – Boushahri Art Gallery – Kuwait.

      Starting from the Mother Nature, and a mixture of a deep imagination & a discerning eye, Jamil Kacha could scan and apply his special aesthetic study upon the rock pieces.

These very rocks were selected and collected by the artist own hands from Al-Aasi River; the river that runs through the mountains of Turkey and passes by his home village.

In every birth of a new spring, Al-Aasi floods bringing some precious spring-colored rocks; that help inspiring the enchanted talent of Kacha. And as a nature-loving artist, he tries to feel and capture what every stone might tell him; picturing in his mind how it would be if the rock was alive.

With a solid yet gentle heart, Jamil Kacha’s artwork simply portrays his beautiful personality. Pouring an immense portion of positive energy in every piece; an obvious loving touch smooths the intimate creatures he depicts.

And the fruit of this passion comeout to be a comforting masterpiece, that can satisfy both the eye & the heart; a real lovely figure of our lives, created out of the rigid rocks, yet delicated to the extent of maintaining the real beauty of the stone nature.

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