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Ghassan Nana

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Born in Homs, Syria 1953
1971 Graduated from Fine Arts Center, Homs-Syria.
1978 Graduated from painting department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University-Syria.

Solo Exhibitions:
1978 The Arabic cultural center, Damascus-Syria.
1979 The Soviet cultural center, Damascus-Syria.
1980 Salet Al-Sha’eb, Homs-Syria.
1987 Gallery Ashtar, Damascus-Syria.
1994 Gallery Naseer Shoura, Damascus-Syria.
2002 Gallery Fateh Al-Moudarres, Damascus-Syria.
2011 Gallery Tajalliyat, Damascus-Syria.


Collective Exhibitions

1948 Quad Exhibition (with Asem Al-Basha, Edward Shahda and George Maher), Salet Al-Sha’eb, Damascus –Syria.
1985 Participated in “Drawing in the open air” symposium, Smoln-Bulgaria.
1989 Trio Exhibition (with Abdul Kader Azzuz and Karam Maatouk), Gallery Ashtar, Damascus-Syria.
1990 Private Study in Gallery Anatoly Klankov, Stavropol Russia.
1993 Seven Artists mobile exhibition, Sweden.
1994 Dual Exhibition with Abdalla Murad, Gallery Al-Shami, Homs-Syria.
1995 Trio Exhibition (with Edward Shahda and Karam Maatouk), Gallery Al-Khanji, Aleepo-Syria.
1996 Participated in Cairo biennial, Egypt.
1998 Quad Exhibition for drawing on paper, Gallery Atasi, Damascus-Syria.
1998 Quad Exhibition for drawing on paper, Gallery Quaf, Aleppo-Syria.
2000 Participated in Monte Rosa Symposium with Lebanese artists, Damascus-Syria.
2000 Participated in “Think with your hand” competition (won the first prize), Institute Cervantes, Damascus-Syria.
2001 “Women and Was” Exhibition, the Red Crescent hall, Damascus.
2002 Quad Exhibition about landscapes, Fateh Al-Moudarres Gallery, Damascus-Syria.
2002 Participated in the Mediterranean Association for Art Exchange, Carthage-Tunisia.
2003 Six artists from Syria exhibition, Europe Art Gallery, Geneva-Switzerland.
2004 Participated in the Syrian cultural week (Syrian-British Association), Gallery Browny, London-United Kingdom.
2004 Participated in the small painting exhibition, Gallery Souad Isaawi, Jordan.
2004 Five artists exhibition, Gallery Al- Dar, Damascus-Syria.
2007 Participated in 10 artists exhibition, Jableh Museum, Jableh-Syria.
2008 Participated in “Paris, Damas: regards croise” exhibition, Arabic World institute, Paris-France.
2009 “Tribute to Giath Al-Akhras” exhibition, Gallery Kamel, Damascus-Syria.
2009 Participated in “Paris, Damas: regards croise” exhibition, The National Museum, Damascus-Syria.
2010 Participated in making a Mural representing the Syrian revolution martyrs, Sweida-Syria.

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